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1967 Area 12-A Conference

AREA XIIA Site * George AFB, Victorville, CA.
MARCH 31 Host * Wisumahi 478
APRIL 1-2 Chief * Bob Lindboe 98
1967 Lay Adviser * Maury Clancy 436 (deceased)
Professional Adviser * Bill Gruber 127
Region XII Adviser * David R. Martin
Region Coordinator * David R. Martin

Comments: The theme was “MEN TO MATCH OUR MTS.”. The fee was $5.00. The attendance was 600 from seven (7) lodges. Special guests included Col. Carol Edson, Robert Gilrath the Deputy Director of NASA, and LTG. Barry Goldwater. San Gorgonio took every prize but one in costuming. They won most of the dancing awards and paced first in both Ordeal and Brotherhood ceremonies. It was very cold.

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