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1963 Area 12-E Conference

AREA XIIESite * Loyola University, Los Angeles, CA.

APRIL 19-21Host * Tamet 225

1963Chief * Steve Sharbrough 225

Deputy Area Chief * Jim Montgomery 228

Pat Novolanic 249

Terry Grimm

Lay Adviser * Jack Nakano 90

Professional Adviser * Jack Hoag 488

Region Adviser * Gerald Winslow

Comments:The cost was $6.00. The Conference was limited to 600. Nine special activity sessions were planned. A Bar-B-Q dinner was held Friday night along with fellowship and entertainment. The guest speaker for dinner was William H. Parker, LA Chief of Police. The closing Challenge was by Gerald Winslow, D. R. S. E. There was also a patch with a white border and a white twill background. I have only seen one and it is not clear what it was made for.

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