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1972 Area 12-E Conference

AREA XIIESite * Birmingham High School, Van Nuys, CA.

APRIL 7-9Host * Walika 228

1972Chief * Brad Quibell 249

Deputy Area Chief * Chuck Barber 252 (program)

Bruce Miesse 249 (competition)

Mike Coussineua 488 (competition)

Secretary *

Treasurer * Guy Sanford 252

Lay Adviser * Ray Peter Sr. 228

Assistant Adviser *Walt White 228

Don Hansen 249

Professional Adviser * Don Pittenger 228

Region Adviser * Dick Lamb

Comments:This was the last year before the re-organization. Dave Boshea the National Executive Secretary was a special guest. Lodges 90 and 291 were transferred back to XIID. The remaining lodges were 225, 228, 249, 252, and 488. There several variations of the patch.

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