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1970 Area 12-F Conference

AREA XIIFSite * Heard Scout Pueblo, Phoenix AZ.

OCTOBER 30-31Host * Salado 551

& NOVEMBER 1Chief * Tim Nicholson 551

1970Deputy Area Chief *

Secretary *

Lay Adviser * 551

Professional Adviser * Bob Nicholson

Region Coordinator * David R. Martin

Comments:Seventeen were in attendance from Salado Lodge. Total attendance was 255. There was a newsletter at the conference called “WHAT CAN I DO”. This was the 14th annual Area 12-F Conference. Col. Carroll A. Edson co-founder of the arrow was a special guest. The Keynote Speaker was George Miller the past Scout Executive of Theodore Roosevelt Council. The fee was $10.00. The program included a history listing. There were two distinctly different stitched versions of the same patch design. One had a black cord loop on top and the other red.

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