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Ashie Lodge Chiefs and Advisers

Year Chief Adviser Staff Adviser
1950 George Tatgenhorst Ernest Casados
1951 George Tatgenhorst Ernest Casados
1952 George Tatgenhorst Ernest Casados
1953 Dick Stanford Sid Frantz
1954 Sid Frantz
1955 George Tatgenhorst
1956 George Tatgenhorst
1957 Paul Kelly George Tatgenhorst
1958 Joel Hutchins Phillip Crittenden
1959 Jerry Chase James Weston
1960 Charles Davis James Weston
1961 Dennis Ybarra James Weston
1962 Mack Reynolds Maury Clancy (1902 – 1974)
1963 Ray Patton Maury Clancy
1964 Ray Patton Maury Clancy
1965 Don Hodges Maury Clancy
1966 Jim Akin Maury Clancy
1967 Jon Yancy Maury Clancy
1968 David Manschein Maury Clancy
1969 Larry Abernathy Maury Clancy Owen Walker
1970 Charles Chandler Maury Clancy
1971 Raymond Hagan Jr Edgar Green
1972 Gerald Lambert Louis Greiner Owen Walker
1973 Jeffrey Ferris Louis Greiner Owen Walker
1974 Wendell Miyaji Robert Bringham Owen Walker
1975 Wendell Miyaji Robert Bringham Owen Walker
1976 Glen White Robert Bringham Owen Walker
1977 Barclay Davidson Leonard Fry Owen Walker
1978 Alvah De Weese Leonard Fry Owen Walker
1979 Richard Sporl Norm Martinson Owen Walker
1980 Mark Schaefer Norm Martinson Owen Walker
1981 Mike Waseher Norm Martinson
1982 Mark McCullough Al De Weese Jake Jacobs
1983 Russ Collett Al De Weese Bruce Drake
1984 David Keely Al De Weese Bruce Drake
1985 Roy Brown Al De Weese Ron Lunsford
1986 John Dillon Dale Kincade Greg Hitchcock
1987 Mike Southall Dale Kincade Ron Lunsford
1988 Mike Walton
Louis Monville III
John Halsey
1989 Joe Cannon Peter Young Len Lanzi
1990 Marvin Terry Jr Peter Young
1991 Marvin Terry Jr Mike Ewens
1992 Harry Bakken Mike Ewens Floyd Morstein

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