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1990 – 1999

1990: Tri-Clave and a Sweep

The 1990 Tri-Clave was one of the largest Order of the Arrow Conclaves in history. Over 1,600 Arrowmen attended from Sections W4A, W4B, and W4C.

Competitions were held for each Section. Cahuilla Lodge became the first Lodge to sweep all 3 awards, winning the Niganet, Lodge Excellence, and Spirit Awards.

1991: Conclave at March Air Force Base

The Section W4B Conclave was held at March Air Force Base. Rick Correz was the Service Lodge Chief. The site was selected with the expert assistance of Karl Kaszuba. Over 500 Arrowmen attended.

1993: Cahuilla Mourns The Loss Of Our Adviser

On June 6, 1993, our beloved Lodge Adviser, Ted Green, passed away from complications of multiple strokes. He was only 43 years old. This was a mournful moment for the Lodge, who needed to pick up the pieces and find a way to continue. Past Lodge Adviser George Torbett stepped back into the role temporarily.

At the Section W4B Conclave, when Ted was hospitalized but before he passed away, the entire Lodge wore green ribbons on their uniforms in his honor. National Chief Brian Beaverstock cited that solidarity for our Adviser as the deciding factor in picking Cahuilla Lodge for the Spirit Award.

1993: Cody Barnett elected Section W4B Chief

1995: Ted Green Arrowman of the Year Created

The Lodge Executive Committee renamed the Arrowman of the Year the Ted Green Arrowman of the Year, in honor of his service and untimely death in 1993. His wife, Carla Green, attended and helped award the first awards to Steve Moore and Rusty Shoemake.

1995: Conclave at UC Riverside

In 1995, the Conclave was held at UC Riverside with Tracy Schultze the Service Lodge Chief. It was a rainy weekend but with the help of outgoing Section Chief Cody Barnett and Cahuilla Associate Adviser Forrest Fulk, all events were able to be moved inside and the event was still a success.

1996: Alan Kay and Tracy Schultze elected Section W4B Chief

Alan Kay, Section Vice-Chief from Troop 144 in the A-tsa Chapter, was elected to complete the vacant term from the previous Chief’s election to Western Region Chief. At the succeeding Conclave at the Riverside School for the Deaf, Tracy Schultze, Cahuilla Lodge Chief and outgoing Section Secretary from Troop 8 also from the A-tsa Chapter, was elected to a full term.

NOAC 1998: National Dancing Champions

At the 1998 National Conference, Arrowmen Dustin Shoemake and Danny Souza became our first National Champion Dancers. Dustin was champion in Grass and Danny was the champion in Northern Traditional.

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