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Founder’s Award Recipients

To Date, 96 Arrowmen have been awarded the Founder’s Award from Cahuilla and Navajo Lodges.

1984 Michael Sachs (Y) Mark Grinstaff (Y)
1985 Brian Hawley (Y) Donald Turk (A)
1986 Rick Correz (Y) Tony Beyenhof (Y) * Al Huertas (A) Bill Woodward (1946 – 2018) (A) *
1987 Steve Pennington (Y) Chris Cox (Y) * Larry Dylina (A) Bill Davis (A) *
1988 Michael Celano (Y) Martin Gaffey (Y) Corey Bryant (Y) * Marcus Pacheco (Y) *
1989 Stefan Gogosha (Y) Arthur Banks (Y) * Lee Hastings (A) Don Steele (A) *
1990 Chris Hanson (Y) William Taylor (Y) * Vern Moffit (A)
1991 Dwayne Walker (Y) Aaron Geiger (Y) * Sean Massar (Y) * Leon Correz (A)
1992 Gregg Capella (Y) Martin Hambaleck (Y) * George Torbett (A)
1993 Alan Kay (Y) Floyd Auten (Y) * Jayson Groves (Y) * Ted Green (A)
1994 Peter Enz (Y) Bryan Auten (Y) * Shaun Sorenson (Y) * Rex Waddington (A)
1995 Thom Zambrana (Y) Beau Sawyer (A)
1996 Tracy Schultze (Y) Ryan Kay (Y)
1997 Eric Underwood (Y) Barbara Enz (A)
1998 Steve Scott (Y) Vince Ramirez (Y) * Tim Jasper (A)
1999 Alan Underwood (Y) Marty Gonzales (Y) * Dennis Underwood (A) George Lee (A) *
2000 Robi Townsend (Y) Mike Settember (Y) * Ron Collins (A) John Shelburne (A) *
2001 Scott Hatton (Y) Peter Mandery Sr. (A)
2002 Michael Gollner (Y) Brandon Leong (Y) * Gary Hatton (A) Larry Files (A) *
2003 Brad Denbo (Y) Tim Staples (1987 – 2019) (Y) * James Hermes (A) Jimmy Ramirez (A) *
2004 Chris Horn (Y) Chris Dietrich (Y) Scott Ramos (Y) * Steve Klenk (A) *
2005 Jason Palmantier (Y) Thomas Quinlan (Y) * Dave DeSoucy (A) Harold Teunisse (A) *
2006 Brandon Schleeter (Y) Vinney Williams (A)
2007 Aaron Jones (Y) Scott McLeod (A)
2008 Dale Parker (Y) Frank Sydow (A)
2009 Kyle Sitarski (Y) Rick Pohlers (A)
2010 Adam Purvis (Y) Tim Purvis (A)
2011 Ian McLeod (Y) Rosana McLeod (A)
2012 John Garcia (Y) Mark Triplett (A)
2013 Ian Hare (Y) Matthew Brandt (A)
2014 Hayden Martois (Y) Judy Graeber (A)
2015 Jared Brandt (Y) Larry Krikorian (A)
2016 Griffin Martois (Y) Cynthia Blessum (A)
2017 Michael Hare (A)
* Denotes Founder’s Award Recipient while a member of Navajo Lodge # 98. After Navajo Lodge joined Cahuilla in 2006, they are recognized as current Lodge Founder’s Award recipients.

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