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Early Wisumahi Lodge History

The following was included as a single-page history in 1950s OA Handbooks handed out to new Ordeal Members in Wisumahi Lodge.

The Wisumahi Lodge was formed in 1951 by Dean Menard of San Gorgonio Lodge. Wisumahi is a Dakota word meaning arrowhead. The lodge was chartered in 1952 as No. 478. Sixteen charter members were conducted through the Ordeal by San Gorgonio Lodge in August 1951, at their annual Pow Wow.

The first Chief elected was Larry Grace. In December, 1952, the lodge put on its first Ordeal at Camp Hilton. Here, Skip Fife of San Gorgonio Lodge presented Chief Larry Grace with a necklace of three beads. This necklace is given to each succeeding chief.

Since 1952, Ordeal Fellowships have been held at the Lodge Ceremonial Grounds near Arataba.

Wisumahi Lodge members have taken part in many service projects to Scouting, such as camp promotion, reconstruction of campfire circle, and camp closing. We have had many members attend three Area 12-A Conferences and one National Conference. Participation in the Scout Circus really has drawn attention to the Order of the Arrow, and it is hoped that in the future we may present a show of our own.

Good luck to our new brothers.

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