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1975 Section W4A Conclave

SECTION W4ASite * Cal State UniversityLos AngelesCA. 

APRIL 4-6Host * Ta Tanka 488 

1975Chief * Kerry Cheesman 90 / Paul Mcnulty 252 

Vice Chief * Kent Kuwata 566 

Secretary * John Alexander 90 

Lay Adviser * Don Hansen 249 

Assistant Adviser *Les Luby 566 

Gene Hickle 488 

Paul Weiss Jr. 566 

Professional Adviser * Ray Bates 249 

Area Professional Adviser * Jim Fuller 

Region Chief * Kerry Cheesman 90 

Region Chairman * Sam Hathaway 252 

Region Adviser * Dick Rice 


Comments:Kerry Cheesman 90 was elected the first Region Chief at the December 1974 National Order Of The Arrow Planning Conference.  As a result, he had to resign his position.  There were three border colors for the patch.  The red border was for the participants.  There was a white border used for the Council of Chiefs and also there was a blue border patch. 


Outstanding Lodge * Malibu 566 

Ordeal Trophy * Malibu 566 

Brotherhood Trophy * Malibu 566 

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