1981 Section W4A Conclave

SECTION W4ASite * Westchester High SchoolLos AngelesCA. 

MARCH 6-8Host * Swinis 252 

1981Chief * Kurt Christiansen 566 

Vice Chief * Doug Sekishiro 90 

Secretary * Ken Mortensen 249 

Lay Adviser * Esten Grubb 252 

Associate Adviser * Rick Breithaupt 566 

Professional Adviser * Jim Stainer 252 

Area Lay Adviser * Tom Tabb 13 

Area Professional Adviser * Derek Wilcock 

Region Chief * Richard Good 305 / Kurt Christiansen 566 

Region Chairman * Del Loder 502 

Region Adviser * Dick Rice 


Comments:Outstanding Lodge * Ta Tanka 488 

Ordeal Trophy * Malibu 566 

Brotherhood Trophy * Ta Tanka 488 


Kurt Christiansen was elected Region Chief in December 1980.  He was allowed, by the national committee, to complete his term of office since the conclave was within a week of the required resignation  date.  Conclave chairman was Joe Paris.  The participants patch had a white border and there was also a silver mylar border patch given to the Council of Chiefs and special guests.