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1986 Section W4A Conclave

SECTION W4ASite * Desert High School, Edwards AFB, CA. 

MARCH 15-17Host * Malibu 566 

1986Chief * Cris Miller 90 

Vice Chief * Paul Hutchison 90 

Secretary * Charles Furness 291 

Adviser * Bob Hauser 291 

Associate Adviser * Al Naipo 252 

Staff Adviser * Jon Mckenzie 566 

Area Adviser * Esten Grubb 252  

Area Staff Adviser * Derek Wilcock 

Region Chief *Rob Patridge 421 

Region Chairman * Del Loder 502 

Region Adviser * Dick Rice 


Comments:Outstanding Lodge * Malibu 566 

Ordeal Trophy * Malibu 566 

Brotherhood Trophy * Topa Topa 291 

Most Spirited Lodge * Siwinis 252 

Attendance * 602 (another record) 


A special guest was Cary Roberts the National Vice Chief.  A special feature on Sunday was the static air show.  Boy did we have rain.  The red border patch was for participants.  There was also a gold mylar border patch. 

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