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1996 Section W4A Conclave

SECTION W4ASite * Mt. Gleason Middle SchoolGlendaleCA 

MARCH 17-19Service Lodge * Spe-Le-Yai 249 

1996Chief * Jeremy Mo 488 

Vice Chief * David Phillips 566 

Secretary * Zachary Hauer 249 

Adviser * Alan  Rosen 566 

Associate Adviser * Ken Kolde 291 

Staff Adviser *-Terry Richardson 249 

Area Coordinator * Jack Hess 312 

Area Staff Adviser * Larry Vaughn 

Region Chief * Tony Fiori 13 

Region Chairman * Dick Mills  

Region Adviser * Don Chilcote 


Comments:The theme was “HOKA HAY – HANTA YO”.  There was a 4” and a 3” patch of the same design.  The weather was nice. The shows were very well done.  The training received many good comments.  Special guest.s  included National Committee member Esten Grubb and Area Adviser Jack Hess.  The Area Adviser position has been put back in the program as optional. 


Outstanding Lodge * Malibu 566 

Ordeal Trophy * Siwinis 252 

Brotherhood Trophy * Youlumne 303 

Vigil * Youlumne 303 

Most Spirited Lodge * Malibu 566 

Flight of the Thunderbird * Topa Topa 291 

Camp Promotion * Topa Topa 291 

Conclave Fair * Siwinis 252 

Attendance * 454 

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