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1998 Section W4A Conclave

SECTION W4ASite * Citrus CollegeGlendoraCA. 

MARCH 20-22Service Lodge * Ta Tanka 488 

1998 Chief * Russell Dzialo 249 

Vice Chief * David Klas 291 

Secretary * Justin Boren 252 

Adviser * Ken Kolde 291 

Associate Adviser * Bob McMurtrey 488 

Staff Adviser * Marty Baldwin / Jack Bolkha / Andy Beard 488 

Area Adviser * Steve Bradley, Sr. 13 

Area Staff Adviser * Marcus Mack 

Region Chief * Brandon Fessler 520 

Region Chairman * Jack Hess 312 

Region Adviser * Don Chilcote 


Comments:The theme was “A TOUCH OF MAGIC”  There was both a 4” and a 3” patch of the same design.  The weather was great. The shows were well done.  The training received many good comments.  Special guests  included National Vice Chief Dave Petrush, Region Chief Brandon Fessler, National Committee member Esten Grubb, Region Chairman Jack Hess, Region Committee members Tom Tabb and Steve Silbiger, Area Adviser Steve Bradley, and Past Region Chief and National Committeeman Tony Fiori.  There were a number of guests from Sections W3A, W4B and W4C.  There were a total of 74 very nice Sand Paintings.  The had 3 patches.  The 4 inch was issued to all participants.  A 3 inch with a blue border was used on hats.  An identical 3 inch with a white border was issued to  the Council of Chiefs and some guests.  Vollyball and basketball went to 488 and Ultimate Frisbee to 566.  W4A now has a WEB site  http://www.bsa.net/ca/w-4a/w4a.html 


Outstanding Lodge * 291 

Ordeal Trophy * 291 

Brotherhood Trophy * 291 

Vigil * 291 

Most Spirited Lodge * 291 

Flight of the Thunderbird * 291 

Camp Promotion * 566 

Conclave Fair * 291 

Roy Walker Dance Award to Sean Weller 566 (1st year award presented) 

Attendance * 435 

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