1981 Section W4B Conclave

SECTION W4B Site * Western Region Headquarters Of The Little League, San Bernardino, CA.
MAY 1-3 Host * Cahuilla 127
1981 Chief * Daniel Ginsborg 13
Vice Chief * Mark Schaeffer 436
Secretary * Mike Sachs 127
Lay Adviser * Al Hoogeveen 13
Associate Adviser * Bert Leithold Sr. 127
Professional Adviser * Ken Jeske 127
Area Lay Adviser * Tom Tabb 13
Area Professional Adviser * Derek Wilcock
Region Chief * Kurt Christiansen 566
Region Chairman * Del Loder 502
Region Adviser * Dick Rice
Comments: The theme was “LET US CATCH THE HIGHER VISION”. The participation award was leather with the theme printed on it. A neckerchief was issued. Wiatava 13 won the Niganit and the Lodge Excellence Award. Western Region Chief Kurt Christiansen was a special guest. Attendance was 478 and the Spirit Award was won by Pang 532.