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Lodges Of Section W4B Conclave and Area 12-A

Last Updated: November 21, 2007

W4B Section Lodge History 1936-Present


Written By Tracy Schultze



A-tsa 380:

Received its charter in 1955 with the Grayback Council in Redlands, CA.
The totem was a golden eagle.  In 1974, the lodge was absorbed into
Cahuilla 127.

Ahwahnee 430:

Received its charter in 1950. The totem was a stag’s head superimposed on an
arrowhead.  In 1973, the lodge merged with San Gorgonio 298 to form Wiatava

Ashie 436:

Received its charter J1950.  The totem was a thunderbird and the lodge
symbol was a sandpainting.  In 1992, the lodge merged with Pang 532 to form
Tiwahe 45.

Cahuilla 127:

Received its charter January 1, 1973 with the California Inland Empire Council.
The totem was a rattlesnake.

Ho-Mita-Koda 380:

Received its charter in 1948 with the Redlands Area Council.  Little is
known about the lodge, and it disbanded in 1952.
Navajo 98:

Received its charter in 1937 with the Old Baldy Council. Lodge was absorbed by Ta Tanka and Cahuilla Lodges
in 2006. The portion in Los Angeles County became part of Ta Tanka, and the portion in San Bernardino County
became part of Cahuilla.

Pang 532:

Received its charter in 1957.  The totem was the big horned sheep.
The lodge’s first ordeal and vigil ceremonies were performed by members of
Tahquitz 127.  The lodge for a time was a member of Area XII-F before
joining Section W4B in 1973.

San Gorgonio 298:

Received its charter in 1945.  The lodge formed from one of the oldest
summer camp tribes in California, the Tribe of Gorgonio which was formed in
1927.  The lodge totem was a standing grizzly bear.  In 1973, the
lodge merged with Ahwahnee 430 to form Wiatava 13.

Tahquitz 127:

Received its charter June 30, 1938, with the Riverside County Council.  The
lodge formed from the Tribe of Tahquitz at Camp Emerson (there was another more
famous Tribe of Tahquitz with Long Beach Area Council) in 1928.  The lodge
totem was the Tahquitz rock face found at Camp Emerson.  In 1973, the lodge
merged with Wisumahi 478 to form Cahuilla 127.



Tiwahe 45:

Received its charter in 1992.  The totem is a red-tailed hawk.

Wiatava 13:

Received its charter January 1, 1973 with the Orange County Council.  The
totem is a cogged stone.

Wisumahi 478:

Received its charter in 1952 with the Arrowhead Area Council.  The totem
was an arrowhead, though the lodge used a double-headed goose as a popular
unofficial totem.  In 1973, the lodge merged with Tahquitz 127 to form
Cahuilla 127.

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