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1976 Section W4C Conclave


1976 – NOVEMBER 19-21Pima College, Tucson, AZ.Papago Lodge (Catalina Council)


Chief * Scott Hitt 494Vice Chief * Dale Ruebsman 432

Secretary * Bruce Jorden 494

Lay Adviser * George Renwick 494

Professional Adviser * Frank Maldanado 494

Area Lay Adviser * Bruce Moore 13

Area Professional Adviser * Jim Fuller

Region Chief * Kerry Cheesman 90

Region Chairman * Sam Hathaway 252

Region Adviser * Dick Rice


Comments:            The Theme was FIRM BOUND IN BROTHERHOOD.  This was the first Conclave that I attended in the Section.  The Saturday night guest speaker was Tim Creedon the Senior Vice President Sourthern Division Manager of Valley National Bank.  There were displays by Coleman, Mountain House Foods, NESA, Sierra Club, Wisdom Dancers, etc..  Registration was $12.75.  Attendance was 162 (503 = 12, 432 = 49, 494 = 69, 551 = 0, 312 = 23, visitors = 9)  The “Man Mile” award went to Papago 494.  The “Best Lodge” award went to Papago 494.

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