1983 Section W5A Conclave

SECTION W5ASite * Hualapai Elementary SchoolKingmanAZ. 

NOVEMBER 11-13Host * Nebagamon 312 

1983Chief * William Tilghman III 494 

Vice Chief * William G. Gumbinger 312 

Secretary *  

Adviser * Ken Hody 312 

Staff Adviser * Paul Morrow 312 

Area Adviser * Ken Hody 312 

Area Staff Adviser * Gene Richie 

Region Chief * Mike Sachs 127 

Region Chairman * Del Loder 502 

Region Adviser * Dick Rice 


Comments:The weather was very cold and windy.  The theme was TAKE THE LEAD SHOW THE WAY.  The “Man Mile” award went to           The “Best Lodge” award went to  Tom Tabb of the Western Region OA Committee attended.