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1991 Section W4C Conclave

SECTION W4CSite * Western High SchoolLas VegasNV. 

NOVEMBER 8-10Service Lodge * Nebagamon 312 

1991Chief * James Arriola 312 

Vice Chief * Leo Hollis, Jr. 432 

Secretary * Scott Beckett 312 

Adviser * Rodger L. Bennett 432 

Associate Adviser * Jack Hess 312 

Staff Adviser * John Bennett 312 

Area Adviser * Bobby Rainwater 13 

Area Staff Adviser * Hart Bullock 

Region Chief * Louis Monville III 436 

Region Chairman * Esten Grubb 252 

Region Adviser * Don Chilcote 


Comments:The theme was “STRENGTHEN THE LODGE, PATHWAY TO OUR FUTURE”.  Guests included Esten Grubb and Tom Tabb.  Attendance was 465 including 111 from off-site.  The “Man Mile” award went to 312.  The “Best Lodge” award went to 

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