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Section W4N Leadership

Year/Term Section Chief Section Vice-Chief Section Secretary Section Adviser Associate Adviser(s) Associate Adviser(s) Staff Adviser Service Lodge
2008 – 2009  Jack Chinn

Adolph Fastnacht

Charles Pickering  Jordan Orlick  Howard Kern  Bob Ulrich  Mark Kolstoe Derek Fortin Spe-Le-Yai
2009 – 2010 Charles Pickering Keith Avery  Nick Mercurio  Charles Casperson  Bob Ulrich  John Wagner
2010 – 2011  Charles Pickering  Keith Avery  Nick Mercurio  Charles Casperson Bob Ulrich John Wagner Chumash
2011 – 2012  Keith Avery Cassidy Carman  Casey Zuchelli  Charles Casperson  Bob Ulrich  Ross Arnold John Wagner Malibu
2012-2013 David Dye*
Brian Applegate
 Matt Coxhill  Nick Higdon  Charles Casperson  Ross Arnold  George Michaels Yowlumne
2013 – 2014 Matt Johnson  Sean Howell  Ross Arnold  George Michaels Ron Walsh Siwinis
2014 – 2015 Anthony Reyes  Brian Hascall Matthias Leier Ross Arnold  Jeff Frankel  George Michaels Scott Oldenburg Spe-Le-Yai
2015 – 2016 Matthias Leier  Jorge Salazar  Justin Engstrom  Ross Arnold  Jeff Frankel  George Michaels Scott Oldenburg Topa Topa
2016 – 2017 Jorge Salazar Roberto Castillo Davidson Ruben Villanueva Jeff Frankel George Michaels Scott Oldenburg None**
2017 – 2018 Jorge Salazar Tyler Gray Gavin Cho Jeff Frankel Steve Salyards George Michaels Scott Oldenburg Topa Topa
2018 – 2019 Gavin Cho Ben D. Brayden A. Jeff Frankel Steve Salyards Glen Doddard Chumash

* Elected a National Officer

** There was no official Conclave service Lodge during the 2017 Areaclave.

For additional years before 2008, please see the Section W4A leadership section.

Last updated: April 2, 2021 at 14:22 pm

Last updated: April 2, 2021 at 14:22 pm