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1968 Area 12-A Conference

AREA XIIA Site * Corona Del Mar High School, Newport Beach, CA.
APRIL 19-21 Host * San Gorgonio 298
1968 Chief * John Yancy 436
Deputy Area Chief * Mo Gotcher 127
Lay Adviser * Larry Rupp Sr. 298
Professional Adviser * Ken Harlan 298
Region XII Adviser * Richard Bentley
Region XII Coordinator * David R. Martin

Comments: The theme was “ONWARD IN BROTHERHOOD”. The fee was $6.50. According to the records I can find, there was a change in how the OA was handled in the region at this time. Each area had a separate region adviser and the overall region had a coordinator. There were two versions of the patch. The one issued at the Conference had a rolled border. It is my understanding that the cut edge version was a prototype and that 24 each were made. The change was made because the officers didn’t like the cut edge.

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