75 Years Of Local Southwest Order of the Arrow History 1945 – 2020

Welcome to the Area 4 History Project, started in 1980 by Tom Tabb and continued online to this day with the help of a huge list of contributors.

This project covers Order of the Arrow history in Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Arizona. Some of the organizations chronicled include Area U, Areas 12-A, 12-E, and 12-F, as well as Sections W4A/W4B/W4C/W4N/W4S/W6W.

Section W4B Officer's Patch

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The Area 4 History Project accepts any contributions, additions, corrections, or suggestions.  We are also in search of any paper or electronic materials, no matter how significant they may seem.  These can be sent to the email address below.  For items you wish to mail, please contact the email below for a mailing address.

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The Order of the Arrow has a rich and inspirational history in the Southwest United States, and this website continues to commemorate that Sprit of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness and Service.

From the first Area U Conference to the Conclaves of the present, these intra-lodge events have inspired Arrowmen for many generations.  It is out wish to document these events that have meant so

  • 1956 Area 12-A Conference

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