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Camp Hunt (1958 – 1990s)

Camp Hunt began with a donation by Vernon and Marian Hunt of 7 acres to the Grayback Council. The Hunts later acquired 18 additional acres, and donated a further 50 acres to the Council.

The Hunts were also instrumental in donations that created Crafton Hills College and Wildwood Canyon State Park.

Situated in Yucaipa’s Wildwood Canyon, it was too warm during the Summer to serve as a Summer Camp, but offered exceptional oak forest and chaparral habitat that made it a great facility year-round.

The Lodge was built by the ASD Corporation as part of the land trade with the Hunts. The California Community Foundation in Los Angeles built a huge water tank and barn. The Redlands Kiwanis Club built the amphitheater.

Widely used over the years for Ordeals, the local A-tsa Chapter held the last Ordeal at Camp Hunt in 1990.

1971 – 1973 A-tsa Lodge Chief Stephen Miller served as the Camp Ranger for many years in the 1970s.

After years of under-investment and a lack of vision of how to use the facility, it was sold. It now serves as the Calvary Hill Retreat Center.

Camp Hunt Information

Location: Wildwood Canyon, Yucaipa, California

Years of Service: 1958 – 1990s

Current Status: Sold and Closed, currently the Calvary Hill Retreat Center

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