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The following is a large and exhaustive list of Councils that come from the territory that comprised the Western Region, Area 4 covered in this website. Please note that many pre-date and post-date the 1973-2020 Region/Area system.

Some listed Councils began as small Second-Class Councils before a First-Class Council with a professional executive were formed. In addition, several councils changed their names over time. For purposes of being complete, they are listed separate here, even if they remained an intact council with only a name change.

The National Council BSA had an idiosyncratic method for numbering Councils. Unlike the OA, which attempted to number Lodges chronologically for the first six decades of its existence, Councils were numbered by States in alphabetical order, followed by Councils in that State in alphabetical order. Because of this, Councils in Arizona and California have artificially low council numbers.


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