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Arrowhead Area Council # 48 # (1933 – 1972)

Scouting in San Bernardino County began in the early 1920s, with the founding of the San Bernardino Valley Council in 1922, which became the San Bernardino District Council in 1923. Finally, in 1933, Arrowhead Area Council # 48 was formed.

The Council’s main camp was Camp Arataba, which was leased from the United States Forest Service in 1924 and remained until a fire swept through camp in 1960. From there, Camp Running Springs, soon to be known as Camp Helendade, became the Council’s main camp.. Other camps include short-lived Camp Hilton at the Arrowhead Springs Resort, and the Council also had a canoe base called Camp Proctor on the California side of the Colorado River.

In 1972, Arrowhead voted to merge with Riverside County Council # 45, forming California Inland Empire Council # 45 on January 1, 1973.


  • 1928: Andrew J. Roberts hired as Scout Executive of the Arrowhead Area Council. He would serve for 20 years. Arrowhead Area Council has 443 active Scouts.
  • 1948: Edward H. Saxton hired as Scout Executive after the retirement of Andrew J. Roberts. At the time, Arrowhead Area Council has 2,300 active Scouts.
  • 1951: Conrad Hilton donates land and a lodge building in the Coldwater Canyon area near the Arrowhead Springs Hotel. The camp would be known as Camp Hilton.
  • 1952: An electrical fire destroys the lodge building at Camp Hilton. Scouts initiate a huge recovery project for the canyon area.
  • 1960: A fire on January 10 destroys the main lodge building at Camp Arataba. While there was a Summer Camp season at Arataba in 1960, it would prove to be the last.
  • 1961: Helen and Byron Dade Davis donate 210 acres of land in Running Springs for a camp to replace Camp Arataba. The first year of Summer Camp is held at Camp Running Springs.
  • 1962: Camp Running Springs is renamed Camp Helendade, in honor of Helen and Byron Dade Davis.
  • 1963: Edward Saxton leaves Arrowhead Area Council to become Scout Executive of Verdugo Hills Council in Glendale, California. Lyle E. Bull hired as new Scout Executive.
  • 1972: Lyle Bull leaves Arrowhead Area Council to become Scout Executive of Chief Seattle Council in Washington. Arrowhead Area Council has 11,000 active Scouts.

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