Foreword by T.H. Tabb (1934 – 2002)

From March 17, 1997


My Area Order of the Arrow history project started in 1980 when I saw a list of past host lodges, chiefs, and advisers in the W4A Section Conclave program. I started out preparing a similar list for Section W4B and as a result became interested in trying to collect more detailed data for Area W-4. When I ran out of responsive sources for data, I decided to publish the data I had in the hope that it would stimulate additional input. This was in March 1983. With additional data gathered and the first books mostly sold, I put out a revised book in December 1986. With the recent assignment of Section W5A to Area W-4 as Section W4C, I decided to start to put together their data for this revision. The data is incomplete at this time, but I hope in time it will be complete.



I hope the data included herein is of interest to you. I also would appreciate any corrections or additional data you can provide. It is hard to come by and is frequently inaccurate. Please help if you can. Enjoy the Order of the Arrow as I have and it will provide you with many friends, fellowing, fun, and satisfaction.



Yours in the WWW,

Tom Tabb

Western Region Order of the Arrow Committee