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1972 Area 12-A Conference

AREA XIIA Site * Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA.
APRIL 7-9 Host * Ashie 436
1972 Chief * Chuck Howard 430
Deputy Area Chief * Terry Tyson
Deputy Conference Chief * Ray Hagan
Lay Adviser * Wayne Fowlie 478
Professional Adviser * Chief Owen Walker 436 (deceased)
Region XII Adviser * Richard Bentley
Region XII Coordinator * Dick Rice

Comments: The theme was “THE SPIRIT OF THE ARROW”. This was the last year before the redesignation of the area and implementation of the new section rules. Dave Boshea, the National Executive Secretary was the guest. Attendance was 829. Navajo won the Niganit. Jim Widmaier, the National Vice Chief, was a special guest. The Lodge Excellence Award was started this year. The winner is unknown.

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