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1960 Area 12-E Conference

AREA XIIESite * San Marcos High School, Santa Barbara, CA.

APRIL 22-24Host * Canalino 90

1960Chief * Carroll Hood, Jr. 225

Deputy Area Chief * Sterling Blanchard 249

Roy Horn 488

Ed Lewis 90

Norbert T. Schnabel 252

Secretary – Recording * Chandy Russell 228

Secretary – Corresponding * Jim Bonar 252

Lay Adviser * Glen Gordeon 225

Professional Adviser * John Labare 252 (deceased)

Region Adviser * David R. Martin









It was called the 5TH ANNUAL ORDER OF THE ARROW AREA XIIE GOLDEN JUBILEE FELLOWSHIP CONFERENCE. Special guests included Edward L. Abbott, Mayor of Santa Barbara, Harry Greene, National Committeeman and David Martin D.R.S.E. The theme was “MISSIONS TO MISSILES”.

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