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Position from Tahquitz is that they were forced to accept Wisumahi so they did not want to lose name/number by accepting Arrowhead Area Council.  Tahquitz did Dues For Life and it was not continued.  Tahquitz had restricted flap, Wisumahi had a mass-marketed flap.

Office was on Iowa Avenue, Dave White’s dad built it.

Fitzloff was very near-sighted, drove an old Ferrari, went to RCC at one point with Frank, part of some military fraternity, Great Indian Dancer, very charismatic, lived in a bus (went by Two Eagles in the rendezvous world).  Chesterfield non-filtered cigarettes (he said they were in K-Rations).

Hank Schmel was a ceremonies adviser

Kim Wilkinson was also from Troop 122

Troop 122


Chuck Pierce Troop 137

Died in Ridgecrest at some point

Hardware Store in Banning on San Gorgonio

Frank is Order of the Arrow Centurion 2015


September to September

Ordeal was weekend after Labor Day, had elections, didn’t have chapters, but cliques were around schools.  Spring and Fall Ordeals were held.  Spring was generally a week or two before Memorial Day and Vigil if held was about April.

First Ceremony for Pang, First Vigil also for Pang

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