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OA E. Urner Goodman Camping Award Recipients From Area 4

1969Ta Tanka LodgeWestern
1971Topa Topa LodgeWestern
1972Yowlumne LodgeWestern
1973Chee Dodge LodgeWestern
1977Ta Tanka LodgeWestern
1979Wipala Wiki LodgeWestern
1981Spe-Le-Yai LodgeWestern
1983Cahuilla LodgeWestern
1983Wipala Wiki LodgeWestern
1989Tatanka LodgeWestern
1996Cahuilla LodgeWestern
1997Wipala Wiki LodgeWestern
1998Wipala Wiki LodgeWestern
1999Wipala Wiki LodgeWestern
2002Cahuilla LodgeWestern
2002Wiatava LodgeWestern
2003Siwinis LodgeWestern
2003Wiatava LodgeWestern
2004Wiatava LodgeWestern
2006Cahuilla LodgeWestern
2007Wipala Wiki LodgeWestern
2007Cahuilla LodgeWestern
2009Cahuilla LodgeWestern
2010Cahuilla LodgeWestern
2011Yowlumne LodgeWestern
2012Wiatava LodgeWestern
2012Papago LodgeWestern
2013Papago LodgeWestern
2013Siwinis LodgeWestern
2014Papago LodgeWestern
2015Cahuilla LodgeWestern
2015Wiatava LodgeWestern
2016Cahuilla LodgeWestern
2017Cahuilla LodgeWestern
2017Wiatava LodgeWestern
2018Cahuilla LodgeWestern
2018Wiatava LodgeWestern
2019Cahuilla LodgeWestern
2017Tuku’ut LodgeWestern

Awards and Recognition

Recipient List

  • Cahuilla Lodge: 12 Times
  • Wiatava Lodge: 7 Times
  • Wipala Wiki Lodge: 6 Times
  • Papago Lodge: 3 Times
  • Ta Tanka Lodge: 3 Times
  • Siwinis Lodge: 2 Times
  • Yowlumne Lodge: 2 Times
  • Chee Dodge Lodge: 1 Time
  • Spe-Le-Yai Lodge: 1 Time
  • Topa Topa Lodge: 1 Time
  • Tuku’ut Lodge: 1 Time

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