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2010 – 2019

2011: Kyle Sitarski Elected Section W4S Chief Again

After Tiwahe Lodge’s Joseph Garcia was elected Western Region Chief, Kyle Sitarski was elected to a second, non-consecutive term as Section Chief.

2013: John Garcia Becomes Section W4S Chief

2015: OA’s Centennial

Cahuilla Lodge took their largest contingent ever to the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference.

In 2015, Cahuilla Lodge published a Centennial History, led by Historian Adviser Larry Krikorian.  50 print copies were made, so it is now a rare booklet to find. The Digital Version is available in the Cahuilla Lodge Documents archive.

2015: Cahuilla Wins National Award Triple Crown

Cahuilla Lodge became the first Lodge to win the E. Urner Goodman Camping Award, National Service Award, and Innovation Award in the same year.

2016: Cahuilla Repeats The Triple Crown

Cahuilla repeats as recipients of all three National Lodge Awards.

2017: Cahuilla Triple Crown Three-Peat

Cahuilla wins all three National Awards three consecutive years, and creates a backpatch to note the accomplishment.

2017: James Vineyard Becomes Section W4S Chief

Cahuilla Lodge Chief James Vineyard was elected Section W4S Chief at the 2017 Area 4 Conclave. A single Spirit Award was given to the entire Area. Despite the increased competition, Cahuilla Lodge once again won the Spirit Award.

2018: Jorge De La Torre Becomes Section W4S Chief

Cahuilla Lodge Chief Jorge De La Torre was elected Section W4S Chief at the 2018 Section W4B Conclave.

2019: Celebrating 100 Years Of Summer Camp In Idyllwild

California Inland Empire Council held the Emerson-100 celebration in 2019, with heavy support from the Order of the Arrow. Many Past Lodge Chiefs attended the event.

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