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Chiriqui Lodge # 391 (1948 – 1987)

Chiriqui Lodge # 319 existed briefly in Area 12-A. They hailed from the Panama-based Balboa Canal Zone Council, before it was transferred to Direct Service.

Membership in 12-A apparently began from the Lodge’s chartering in 1948. The Lodge is listed in the 1954 and 1955 Area 12-A Conference booklets, but it isn’t likely that any members attended the conference.

Membership in Area 12-A continued until 1959, when they were reorganized with Area 6-E in Florida1.

Chiriqui Lodge would then be absorbed into the Direct Service Lodge, Gamenowinink Lodge # 555, in 1987.

Lodge Information

Balboa Canal Zone Council

Totem: Conejo

  1. See this link from our friends at OASections.com for more information on Chiriqui’s brief time in Region 12

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