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Navajo Lodge Vigil Honor Recipients

Vigil #



Indian Name




Virgil Burson (A)



“One Who Comes Back”

Area 12-A Conference, Camp Emerson, Idyllwild, CA


Ronald Greeson (A)




“One Who Helps”

Area 12-A Conference, Camp Balboa, San Diego, CA


John W. Scheehan




“Little Big Man”

Area 12-A Conference, Camp Emerson, Idyllwild, CA


Alfred L. Gregg





Area 12-A Conference, Camp Emerson, Idyllwild, CA


Douglas Boles



“A Leader”


Andrew Brokaw



“To Help Someone Through”


William Hopkins



“One Who Is Skillful”


Craig Reide



“He Who Speaks Truly”

Pow Wow 8, Camp Ahwahnee, Green Valley Lake, CA


Arnold Ray Brady (A)



“One Who Aids”

Pow Wow 8, Camp Ahwahnee, Green Valley, Lake, CA


Darrell Burson




Fontana Scout Camp


Robert Dominick



“He Who Leads”

Fontana Scout Camp


Donald H. Bown



Ardent One

Fontana Scout Camp


Scott Anders


Gunaquot Nitis

Tall Companion

San Dimas Christmas Tree Farm


Alan Romspert



He Who Serves

San Dimas Christmas Tree Farm

Vigil Honor Inductee List Name Date Vigil Name / Translation Vigil Location

015 Harry Paradee (A) 04-03-65 Najundam Cucamonga 01-21-66 One who carries a load 16th St. Roadside Rest

016 Charles Carte 01-21-66 Wunita Cucamonga Chuck 01-21-66 One who is able 16th St. Roadside Rest

017 Robert Lindboe 01-21-66 Wulantowagan Cucamonga Bob 01-21-66 He who has good spirits 16th St. Roadside Rest

018 Michael Rains 01-21-66 Clamhattenmogan Cucamonga Mike 01-21-66 Steady one 16th St Roadside Rest

019 William Woodward 01-21-66 Wullamallesin Cucamonga Bill 01-21-66 Happy one 16th St. Roadside Rest

020 Eldon Lahr 02-18-67 Tschitgussin Lytle Creek Canyon 02-18-67 Silent one Fontana Scout Camp

021 Daniel Bruce Maxfield 02-18-67 Kittlelendamwagan Lytle Creek Canyon Dan 02-18-67 Earnest one Fontana Scout Camp

022 Jack Schnurr 02-18-67 Achpamsin Lytle Creek Canyon 02-18-67 Hiker Fontana Scout Camp

023 Perry Westrope (A) 02-18-67 Wunita Sachgachtoon Lytle Creek Canyon 02-18-67 Able cook Fontana Scout Camp

024 Jim Mokri 04-06-68 Tachpachiwi Lytle Creek Canyon 04-06-68 Modest one Fontana Scout Camp

025 David Nunley 04-06-68 Allohakasin Lytle Creek Canyon 04-06-68 One who instructs Fontana Scout Camp

026 George Garrett (A) 04-06-68 Achgiguwen Lytle Creek Canyon 04-06-68 Lively one Fontana Scout Camp

027 Don Powell (A) 04-06-68 Chans Lytle Creek Canyon 04-06-68 Elder brother Fontana Scout Camp

028 Howard Russell (A) 04-06-68 Luppoewagan Lytle Creek Canyon 04-06-68 Witty one Fontana Scout Camp

029 Albert Brongersma 01-11-69 Wulihan Lytle Creek Canyon Al 01-11-69 He who does good for others Fontana Scout Camp

030 Jim Miller 01-11-69 Woapink Lytle Creek Canyon 01-11-69 Opossum Fontana Scout Camp

031 Frank Goodykoontz (A) 01-11-69 Nagatamen Lytle Creek Canyon 01-11-69 Reliable one Fontana Scout Camp

032 Herdon O’Connell (A) 01-11-69 Wischiki Lytle Creek Canyon Spike 01-11-69 Busy one Fontana Scout Camp

033 Terry Goodykoontz 12-13-69 Blaknik La Verne 12-13-69 Flying squirrel Christmas Tree Farm

034 Bill Shacklett 12-13-69 Achewon La Verne 12-13-69 Strong one Christmas Tree Farm

035 Al Bowen (A) 12-13-69 Gischitehen La Verne 12-13-69 Determined one Christmas Tree Farm

036 Warren Cliburn (A) 12-13-69 Woapalanne La Verne 12-13-69 Bald eagle Christmas Tree Farm

037 Will Foster 12-28-70 Wulowachtauwoapin Holcomb Valley Farsighted one

038 Tim Zerger 12-28-70 Gischihan Holcomb Valley One who creates with hands

039 Jim Lockhart (A) 12-28-70 Maaioschehuho Holcomb Valley Breaks the arrow

040 George W. VanTubergen (A) 12-28-70 Lungwamen Glen Helen Park Van 03-13-71 Dreamer District Camporee

041 Dan R. Reaser 11-20-71 Glakelendam Camp Helendale 12-11-71 Excited one Pow Wow 17

042 David Sears 11-20-71 Tgauchsin Nimat Camp Helendale Dave 12-11-71 Good natured brother Pow Wow 17

043 Raymond H. Seguy (A) 11-20-71 Wiaxowagan Camp Helendale Ray 12-11-71 One who has plenty Pow Wow 17

044 Ted Tingsdahl 01-06-73 Wischiki Amatschipuis San Antonio Canyon 01-06-73 Busy buzzard Camp Aldy

045 Vaughn Wendelstadt 01-06-73 Klamhattenamin San Antonio Canyon 01-06-73 One of calm mind Camp Aldy

046 Robert Taylor (A) 01-06-73 Memsochet San Antonio Canyon Doc 01-06-73 Traveler Camp Aldy

047 Mike Geer 12-28-73 Gischihan Hattape San Antonio Canyon 03-30-74 He who makes bow Camp Aldy

048 Dan Grant 12-28-73 Tatchen Memhallamund San Antonio Canyon 03-30-74 Little merchant Camp Aldy

049 Larry Mardis 12-28-73 Achowelendam San Antonio Canyon 03-30-74 Deep thinker Camp Aldy

050 Don Steele (A) 12-28-73 Menhakehhamat San Antonio Canyon 03-30-74 Gardner Camp Aldy

051 Jack Wilson (A) 12-28-73 Moschakantpeu San Antonio Canyon 03-30-74 Bald headed one Camp Aldy

052 Gary Wood (A) 12-28-73 Witscheman San Antonio Canyon 03-30-74 Helpful one Camp Aldy

053 Philip Cothran 03-08-75 Witschindin Norco Phil One who assist Naval Weapons Station

054 Timothy Martz 03-08-75 Achowalogen Norco Tim Hard worker Naval Weapons Station

055 Paul Steele 03-08-75 Amangiechsin Norco Loud speaker Naval Weapons Station

056 Loren Baldwin (A) 03-08-75 Papesu Holcomb Valley Patient one Campfire Ring

057 Howard Tingsdahl (A) 03-08-75 Allogagan Nehellatank Norco Servant of the lord Naval Weapons Station

058 Gary Good 04-09-79 Tatchen Amangi Lenno La Verne Little big man Christmas Tree Farm

059 Bill Henry 04-09-76 Wulantowagan La Verne He who has spirit Christmas Tree Farm

060 Bob Lewis 04-09-79 Gentgeen Wischixin La Verne Dancer who exerts himself Christmas Tree Farm

061 Bill Kime (A) 04-09-79 Achowalogen La Verne Hard worker Christmas Tree Farm

062 Fred Nelsen Jr 02-13-82 Achgeketum La Verne 02-13-82 Teacher Christmas Tree Farm

063 Don Guimond (A) 02-13-82 Sachgachtoon La Verne 02-13-82 Cook Christmas Tree Farm

064 Dan Dufrenne 02-26-83 Gunaquot Covina 02-26-83 Tall one Girl Scout House

065 William Davis (A) 02-26-83 Nihillasohen Covina Bill 02-26-83 One who delivers Girl Scout House

066 Anthony Beyenhof 04-13-84 Waskeu Holcomb Valley Tony 04-13-84 Thin one Gold Strike

067 Robert W. Hancock 04-13-84 Mamchachwelendam Holcomb Valley 04-13-84 He who endures pain Tree of the Living Cross

068 Corey Bryan 04-27-85 Machtagen Holcomb Valley 04-27-85 Fighter Rotary Bonanza

069 Christopher Cox 04-27-85 Nipahwochwen Holcomb Valley Chris 04-27-85 Night traveler Gold Strike

070 Karl Shelton 04-27-85 Amangi Holcomb Valley 04-27-85 Large one Tree of the Living Cross

071 Robert Cross (A) 04-27-85 Manachewagan Holcomb Valley Bob 04-27-85 Cutter of wood 49’r

072 Raymond Smith (A) 04-27-85 Woakus Holcomb Valley Bud 04-27-85 Grey fox Frys Nugget

073 David Hawkins 04-26-86 Klamachpin Holcomb Valley Dave 04-26-86 Quiet one Tree of the Living Cross

074 Anthony Martinez 04-26-86 Memhallmund Holcomb Valley Tony 04-26-86 Trader Gold Strike

075 Marcus Pacheco 04-26-86 Klampeechen Holcomb Valley Marc 04-26-86 Still waters Rotary Bonanza

076 Robert Taylor II 04-26-86 Kaak Holcomb Valley 04-26-86 Wild goose 49’r

077 Joe Velasquez (A) 04-26-86 Tatchen Amangi Wewingtonheet Holcomb Valley 04-26-86 Little big talker Frys Nugget

078 Charles Earle 04-26-87 Tgauchsu Holcomb Valley Chip 04-26-87 Mild one Rotary Bonanza

079 Kenneth Johnson 04-26-87 Apatschin Holcomb Valley Ken 04-26-87 He who returns Gold Strike

080 Bruce Koyle 04-26-87 Gunaquot Waskeu Wulamallessin Holcomb Valley 04-26-87 Tall thin happy one Tree of the Living Cross

081 Roy Cooley (A) 04-26-87 Gischihan Pilawetit Lauchsoheen Holcomb Valley 04-26-87 He who makes little boys happy 49’r

082 Joseph Glick (A) 04-26-87 Najundam Holcomb Valley Joe 04-26-87 One who carries a load Hawthorns Hill

083 Jerry Vinatieri (A) 04-26-87 Wulalogewagan Sakquelendamen Mbi Holcomb Valley 04-26-87 He who does good work on troubled waters Frys Nugget

084 Gary Wayne Ohman 03-28-88 Pohonasin San Dimas 03-18-89 Drum beater Johnstone G.S. Camp

085 Sean Smith 03-28-88 Papenauwelendam Holcomb Valley 05-01-88 One who gets attention Gold Strike

086 Roger Watkins 03-28-88 Wulakenimgussin Holcomb Valley 05-01-88 One who is recommended Tree of the Living Cross

087 Antonio Bestard (A) 03-28-88 Atschimolsin Holcomb Valley Tony 05-01-88 Councilor Frys Nugget

088 Robert Earle (A) 03-28-88 Gischihan Bambil Holcomb Valley Rob 05-01-88 He who makes book Hawthorns Hill

089 Winthrop Walker (A) 03-28-88 Giskhaquen Holcomb Valley Win 05-01-88 Woodcutter 49’r

090 Greg Dillon 04-18-89 Wischixin San Dimas 03-18-89 One who exerts himself Johnstone G.S. Camp

091 Aaron Geiger 04-18-89 Eenhen San Dimas 03-18-89 One who pays Johnstone G.S. Camp

092 Tomas Landis 04-18-89 Wulowachtauwoapin San Dimas Tom 03-18-89 He who look beyond Johnstone G.S. Camp

093 William Taylor 04-18-89 Anatschiton San Dimas 03-18-89 One who cares Johnstone G.S. Camp

094 Dee Brown (A) 04-18-89 Achowalogen Achsin Assisku San Dimas 03-18-89 Toiler of stone and mud Johnstone G.S. Camp

095 Joseph Kiszeli (A) 04-18-89 Allouchsit Netopalis San Dimas Joe 03-18-89 Mighty warrior Johnstone G.S. Camp

096 Harvey Morgan (A) 04-18-89 Achgiguwen Sachgachtoon San Dimas 03-18-89 Noisy cook Johnstone G.S. Camp

097 John Coatney 03-19-91 Machque Holcomb Valley Chris 10-05-91 Bear Frys Nugget

098 M. Sean Massar 03-19-91 Allogagan Holcomb Valley Sean 10-05-91 He who serves Gold Strike

099 Matt Miller 03-19-91 Chuppecat Holcomb Valley 10-05-91 Deep water Tree of the Living Cross

101 Bob Houk (A) 03-19-91 Gischhatteu One who is ready

101 George Lee (A) 03-19-91 Tschitanessoagan Holcomb Valley 10-05-91 One who has authority Hawthorns Hill

102 David Ramos (A) 03-19-91 Wachtschu Achowalogen Holcomb Valley David 10-05-91 Mountain toiler 49’r

103 Martin Bachoc 01-17-92 Welapensit Holcomb Valley 05-17-92 Lucky one Tree of the Living Cross

104 Martin J. Hambalek 01-17-92 Alappiechsin Holcomb Valley 04-25-92 Fast talker Gold Strike

105 Steven M. Kolassa 01-17-92 Klamachpin Achowalogen Holcomb Valley Steve 04-25-92 Quiet worker Rotary Bonanza

106 Clarence A. Massar (A) 01-17-92 Moschakantpeu Machque Holcomb Valley Chuck 07-26-92 Bald headed bear Hawthorns Hill

107 Paul V. Mastracco (A) 01-17-92 Tschitanitehen Holcomb Valley 04-25-92 Perservering one Frys Nugget

108 Floyd Eric Auten 12-31-92 Ajapeu Lennotit Holcomb Valley 06-05-93 Little buck man Roller Camp

109 Lawrence P. Olsen (A) 12-31-92 Mihillusis Wikhetschik Larry Old man builder 110 Bryan D. Auten 11-16-93 Klamachpin Wiechcheu Holcomb Valley 06-04-94 Quiet wolf Tree of the Living Cross

111 Jayson Allan Groves 11-16-93 Awonn Gebtschaat Holcomb Valley 05-20-95 Smoke clown Gold Strike

112 James Cameron Minor 11-16-93 Natoochton Holcomb Valley 06-04-94 Inquiring one Rotary Bonanza

113 Joshua Michael Verholtz 11-16-93 Achgumhok Gentgeen Holcomb Valley Josh 07-30-94 Cloud dancer Roller Camp

114 Floyd D Auten (A) 11-16-93 Achowalogen Kschippehellen Holcomb Valley 06-04-94 Worker of strong current Frys Nugget

115 Gary Lee Verholtz (A) 11-16-93 Kschiechelensin Sisilija Holcomb Valley 06-04-94 Blameless buffalo 49’er

116 Christopher Henderson 04-29-97 Achewon Machque Holcomb Valley Chris 09-30-95 Strong bear Tree of the Living Cross

117 Daniel Trevarthen (A) 04-29-97 Elgigunkhaki Witatschimoisin Dan Big wide adviser

118 Craig J. Auten 06-27-95 Amendchewagan Achsin Holcomb Valley 09-30-95 Stubborn rock Hawthorn Hill

119 Shaun D. Sorensen 06-27-95 Wewingtonheet Holcomb Valley 09-30-95 One who is a babbler Gold Strike

120 Douglas L. Groves (A) 06-27-95 Allouchsit Wikhetschik Holcomb Valley Doug 09-30-95 Mighty builder 49’er

121 Steven P. Klenk (A) 06-27-95 Klamachpin Achgeketum Big Bear City 12-02-95 Quiet teacher Greg Risser’s House

122 Ryan Massar 08-12-96 Chesimus Allogagan Holcomb Valley 11-10-96 Younger brother who serves Tree of the Living Cross

123 Christopher Negus 08-12-96 Lauchsoheen Nuwingi Holcomb Valley Chris 11-10-96 Happy willing one Gold Strike

124 Andre Rensonnet 08-12-96 Mechmauwikenk Elemussit Holcomb Valley 11-10-96 Camper who goes away Rotary Bonanza

125 Jared Wood 08-12-96 Kschamehhellan Allogan Holcomb Valley 11-10-96 Runner who serves 49’r

126 Ron Vinatieri (A) 08-12-96 Ktemaque Mawachpo Holcomb Valley 11-10-96 Beaver who collects Fry’s Nugget

127 William Hinton 04-29-97 Atschimolehan Holcomb Valley Billy 05-31-97 One who relates Tree of the Living Cross

128 Vincent Ramirez 04-29-97 Wiechcheu Gischenaxin Holcomb Valley Vince 05-31-97 Wolf who prepares Gold Strike

129 John Shelburne (A) 04-29-97 Woaphokquawon Mawachpo Holcomb Valley 05-31-97 Gray haired collector Fry’s Nugget

130 Von Fernandes 04-24-98 Wulowachtauwoapin Chuppecat Holcomb Valley 06-06-98 He who looks beyond deep water Placer Flats

131 Martin Gonzales 04-24-98 Machque Wulalogewagan Holcomb Valley Marty 06-06-98 Bear who does good work Tree of the Living Cross

132 Michael Settember 04-24-98 Blaknik Nihillasohen Holcomb Valley Mike 06-06-98 Flying squirrel who delivers Gold Strike

133 William Noble (A) 04-24-98 Glakelendam Wikhetschif Holcomb Valley Bill 06-06-98 Excited Builder 49’r

134 Stephen Koury 09-25-99 Klamaachpin Achgeketum Holcomb Valley 01-23-00 Quiet Teacher Gold Strike

135 Robert Noble 09-25-99 Ksinelendam Wikhetschik Holcomb Valley 01-23-00 Carefree Builder Tree of the Living Cross

136 Jimmy Ramirez (A) 09-25-99 Nagatamen Guttgennemen Holcomb Valley 01-23-00 Reliable One Who Guides Hawthorne Hill

137 Linda Settember (A) 09-25-99 Wischiki Gilkissin Holcomb Valley 01-23-00 Busy One Who Laughs Loud Frys Nugget

138 Brandon Leong 06-2-01 Pohonasin Holcomb Valley 10-06-01 Drum Beater Gold Strike

139 Joseph Rosalia 06-02-01 Tgauchsin Sachgachtoon Holcomb Valley Joe 10-06-01 Good Natured Cook Tree of the Living Cross

140 Scott Bartholomew (A) 06-02-01 Gilkissin Glistam Holcomb Valley 10-06-01 Laughing Listener Frys Nugget

141 Gregory Rosalia (A) 06-02-01 Gischitehen Mawachpo Holcomb Valley Greg 10-06-01 Determined Collector 49’er

142 John Rosalia 10-5-02 Tgaucksin Kichkinet Holcomb Valley 5-16-04 Friendly Guide Tree of Living Cross

143 Michael Norton Riley (A) 10-5-02 Papesu Takachsin Holcomb Valley Mike 5-16-04 Patient Leader Frys Nugget

144 Scott Ramos 11-11-03 Kschamehhellan Holcomb Valley 5-16-04 Fast Runner Rotary Bonanza

145 Timothy Staples 11-11-03 Gunaquot Sakima Holcomb Valley Tim 5-16-04 Tall Chief Gold Strike

146 Dale LaPré (A) 11-11-03 Achilis Holcomb Valley 5-16-04 She Who Gives First Aid Hawthorne Hill

147 Craig Murray (A) 11-11-03 Woaphokquawon Holcomb Valley 5-16-04 Gray Haired One 49’er

148 Mark Files Klamhattenamin Holcomb Valley 5-15-05 Calm Minded One Fry’s Nugget

149 Thomas Quinlan Epit Holcomb Valley 5-15-05 One Who Is There Rotary Bonanza

150 Andy Weller Wikhetschik Holcomb Valley 5-15-05 Builder 49’r

151 Steve Weller (A) Achgeketum Holcomb Valley 5-15-05 Teacher Hawthorne Hill

152 Jeremiah Heywood Tgauchsin Allogagan Holcomb Valley 5-12-06 Friendly One Who Serves Rotary Bonanza

153 Sean Minnihan Mawachpo Ahowoapewi Holcomb Valley 8-26-06 Treasurer Who Has Endurance Wilderness Camp Vigil Honor Inductee List Numerical Sequence List Interpretation

Column 1 Number This is the induction sequence number. If more than one candidate is elected at an election, then they are arranged alphabetically with youth inductees listed first then adult inductees.

Column 2 Name Top This is the name that is listed on the Vigil Honor application sent to the National Secretary Bottom This is the first name that the inductee goes by if different from the name sent to the National Secretary.

Column 3 Date Top This is the date listed on the Vigil Honor Certificate and with the National Office. Bottom This is the known date that the actual Vigil took place.

Column 4 Top This is the Indian name given to the Vigil Honor member. Bottom This is the English meaning of the Indian Name listed with the National Office.

Column 5 Place Top This is the known location of the Vigil. When the Vigil is conducted in the local area, it is the City in which the Vigil is conducted. In the case of the Vigil taking place in Holcomb Valley — then Holcomb Valley is listed. Bottom This is the area within a City that the Vigil is conducted. If the Vigil is conducted in Holcomb Valley, then the campsite or area within Holcomb Valley that the Vigil is conducted is listed. A name in BOLD TYPE is a Vigil Honor member that is known to be deceased A name in ITALICIZED TYPE is a Vigil Honor member that has not taken their Vigil. This list was kept up to date by Bill Woodward.

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