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1993 Section W4A Conclave

SECTION W4ASite * Vandenberg AFB, CA. 

MARCH 19-21Service Lodge * Canalino 90 

1993Chief * Jeff Morgan 488 

Vice Chief * Kevin Kolde 291 

Secretary * Mario Eredia 566 

Adviser * Steven Silbiger 252 

Associate Adviser * Alan  Rosen 566 

Staff Adviser * Paul Ferenz 90 

Area Adviser * Al Naipo 252 

Area Staff Adviser * Larry Vaughn 

Region Chief *  Ron Mahabir 533 

Region Chairman * Ken Galloway 468 

Region Adviser * Don Chilcote 


Comments:Outstanding Lodge * Siwinis 252 

Ordeal Trophy * Topa Topa 291 

Brotherhood Trophy * Topa Topa 291 

Vigil * Topa Topa 291 

Most Spirited Lodge * Chumash 304 

Flight of the Thunderbird * Tatanka 488 

Attendance * 548 


The theme was “FOCUS ON THE FUTURE”. Special guest included the National Chief Brian Beaverstock, Region Chief Ron Mahabir, W4B Chief Martin Hambalck, W4C Chief Scott Beckett, W4C Adviser Jack Hess, National Committeemen Esten Grubb and Clint Takeshita, Region Committee Member Tom Tabb, Area Adviseer Al Naipo, Roy Anderson and Jambes Ariola past W4C Chiefs, and Mark Chilutti 1988 NOAC CVC for Public Relations.  Friday nights guest speaker was Col.  Abela and the Saturday night guest speaker was Lt. GeneralTurk Jameson.  A Santa Maria style Bar-B-Q was enjoyed by all on Saturday night.  The weather was good. 

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