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2000 Section W4A Conclave

SECTION W4ASite * Carpinteria High SchoolCA. 

MARCH 17-19Service Lodge * Chumash 90 

2000 Chief * Justin Boren 252 

Vice Chief * David Williams 291 

Secretary * John Williams 252 

Adviser * Bob McMurtrey 488 

Associate Adviser * Kevin Kolde 291 

Staff Adviser * Victor Enchelmayer 90 

Area Adviser * Steve Bradley, Sr. 13 

Area Staff Adviser * Marcus Mack 

Region Chief * Cameron Mulder 

Region Chairman * Jack Hess 312 

Region Adviser * Don Chilcote 


Comments:The weather was fantastic.  The Friday night show was based on the theme (SURFING INTO THE FUTURE) but rather short.  There was both a 3” and a 4” patch of the same design.  The Saturday night show was to be based on the theme but was really a Pow Wow for the most part..  The training received many good comments.  Guests included Esten Grubb National Committee, Steve Bradley Area Adviser, Tom Tabb Region Committee, Hayato Nakawatase 1999 Region Chief, Brad Lowry W1B Chief, Mark Stickel W4B Chief, Brain Barth W5B Chief  The patch was a 4” round with a red border.  There were two identical patches 3” in diameter.  The red border was used for the hats and the gold border for staff. 


Outstanding Lodge *  291 

Preordeal Trophy *  566 

Brotherhood Trophy *  488 

Vigil *  488 

Most Spirited Lodge *  488 

Flight of the Thunderbird * 291 

Camp Promotion *  291 

Conclave Fair *  291 

Roy Walker Dance Award to  Greg Agamalian 249 (3nd year award presented) 

Attendance *  360 

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