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1978 Section W4B Conclave

SECTION W4BSite * National Parachute Test RangeEl CentroCA. 

APRIL 28-30Host * Pang 532 

1978Chief * Randy Graf 13 

Vice Chief * Larry Brown 13 

Secretary * John Martin 13 

Lay Adviser * Tom Tabb 13 

Professional Adviser * Del Yantis 532 

Area Lay Adviser * Steve Carter 303 

Area Professional Adviser * Derek Wilcock 

Region Chief * Skip Breland 342 

Region Chairman * George Flanagan (deceased) 421 

Region Adviser * Dick Rice 


Comments:Wiatava 13 won the Niganit  and the Lodge Excellence Award.  This was the first year the Spirit Award was given and it went to both Wiatava 13 and Navajo 98.  The food  was provided by the Navy and was very good.  We ate at the officers club.  Most attendees stayed in dorms.  The weather was warm and clear.  Joe Lavendar of the Washington Redskins was a special guest.  He is a member of Pang Lodge.  Gene Moore of Pang Lodge started the year as Lay Adviser but resigned for personal reasons.  Tom Tabb, the Associate Adviser, was appointed to fill the term.  There was a neckerchief issued.  Attendance was 585 paid. 

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