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1979 Section W4B Conclave

SECTION W4BSite * Fountain Valley High SchoolFountain ValleyCA. 

APRIL 27-29Host * Wiatava 13 

1979Chief * Larry Brown 13 (resigned in January – see comments) 

Phil Brigandi 13 (elected to finish term) 

Vice Chief * Phil Brigandi 13 (resigned to become chief)) 

Gary Good 98 (elected to take Phil’s place) 

Secretary * Brian Cahill 127 

Lay Adviser * Tom Tabb 13 

Associate Adviser * John Ernsberger 98 

Assistant Adviser * Dave Brown 13 

Professional Adviser * John Labare 13 (deceased) 

Area Lay Adviser * Leonard Fry 436 

Area Professional Adviser * Derek Wilcock 

Region Chief * Richard Good 305 

Region Chairman * George Flanagan (deceased) 421 

Region Adviser * Dick Rice 


Comments:The theme was “STRAIGHT THE PATHWAY TO OUR GOAL”.  Ashie 13 won the Niganit and Cahuilla 127 won the Lodge Excellence Award.  No Spirit Award was given.  The participant award was leather with the theme printed on it.  Larry Brown was elected National Vice Chief at the December 1978 National Planning Conference and as a result was required to resign.  The Region Chief, Richard Good, and the National Executive Secretary, Bill Downs, were special guests along with Larry Brown.  The sprinklers came on in the camping area during the Saturday night program  Phil Brigandi and Tom Tabb caught a pie in the face during the same program.  A neckerchief was issued. 

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