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1983 Area 4 Conclave

AREA W4/W4BSite * Birmingham High SchoolVan NuysCA. 

APRIL 29-30Host * Area W4 

MAY 1 


Chief * Mike Sachs 127 (resigned – see Comments) 

Brent Schellhase 13 (elected to complete term) 

Vice Chief * Steve Lang 13 

Secretary * Rodney Ueno 13 

Adviser * Bert Leithold Sr. 127 

Associate Adviser * John Bowski 13 

Staff Adviser * Ken Jeske 127 



Adviser * Tom Tabb 13 

Staff Adviser * Derek Wilcock 



Chief * Kurt Christiansen 566 (term ended Dec. 1982) 

Mike Sachs 127 

Chairman * Del Loder 502 

Staff Adviser * Dick Rice 


Comments:The theme was “THOSE WHO CHOSE YOU NEED YOU”.  The Participation Award was leather with the theme printed on it.  A neckerchief was issued.  Mike Sachs resigned after being elected Region Chief in Dec. 1982.  Special guests were the Region Chief, Region Chairman, and National Executive Secretary, Bill Downs.  This is the first combined Section W4A and W4B Conclave.  The thirteen (13) lodges from the two sections were in attendance.  Each section maintained its standard awards; however, awards were given to the top lodge in each category.  The attendance was over 1000.  Sixty eight (68) members went through their Brotherhood Ceremony.  Their were 168 sand paintings.  Siwinis Lodge won the overall Spirit Award.  Their was a special chief’s award (a hand carved northwest paddle given to Chumash for distance and % of attendance.  The food was outstanding.  A great time was had by all.  The rain caused no serious problems.  There were over forty (40) Indian dancers.  The patch was designed by David Pinard Sr. of 488. 


Outstanding Lodge * Siwinis 252 

Ordeal Trophy * Chumash 304 

Brotherhood Trophy * Malibu 566 



Niganit * Wiatava 13 

Lodge Excellence * Wiatava 13 

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