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1988 Section W4B Conclave

SECTION W4BSite * Mataquay Scout Reservation, Warner Springs, CA. 

MAY 6-8Service Lodge * Pang 532 

1988Chief * Michael Celano 127 (resigned – see comments)  Tony Martinez 98 

Vice Chief * Tony Martinez 98 (moved up to chief)  Mike Southall 436 

Secretary * Eric Hendrix 13 

Adviser * Bobby Rainwater 13 Al Deweese III 436 

Associate Adviser * Al Deweese III 436  Bill Davis 98 

Staff Adviser * Derek Wilcock (acting) 

Area Adviser * Esten Grubb 252  (resigned – see comments)  Bobby Rainwater 13 

Area Staff Adviser * Derek Wilcock 

Region Chief * Michael Celano 127 

Region Chairman * Del Loder 502 / Esten Grubb 252 

Region Adviser * Dick Rice 


Comments:Cahuilla 127 won the Niganit and Spirit Awards and Ashie 436 won the Lodge Excellence Award.  Attendance was 525.  Mike Celano resigned as chief after being elected Region Chief.  Esten Grubb resigned as Area Adviser after being appointed Region Chairman on May 20, 1988  .  Bobby Rainwater resigned after being appointed Area 4 Adviser.  The weather was dry and very very cold.  The theme was RETURN TO OUR HERITAGE. Two patches were issued.  One was 4” and the other 3”.   

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