1977 Section W4C Conclave


1977 – November 11 – 13Luke Air Force Base, Phoenix, ArizonaWipala Wiki Lodge (Theodore Roosevelt Council)



Chief * Abe Arvizu 432Vice Chief * Robert Hamilton 503


Secretary * Dan Escibido 494

Lay Adviser * Roscoe Bryant 432

Professional Adviser * Steve Demoter 432

Area Lay Adviser * Don Hansen 249

Area Professional Adviser * Jim Fuller

Region Chief * Skip Breland 342

Region Chairman * George Flanagan (deceased) 421

Region Adviser * Dick Rice


Comments:            The “Man Mile” award went to         The “Best Lodge” award went to    Theme: FIRM BOUND IN BROTHERHOOD  Registration was $11.00.  There were two patches.  A mistake batch with light blue ground and a second batch with light brown ground.  The two man dance competition was won by 503.