1979 Section W5A Conclave

SECTION W5ASite * Havasu City High SchoolLake HavasuAZ. 

NOVEMBER 10-12Host * Nebagamon 312 

1979Chief * Chester Key 312 

Vice Chief * Mark Walker 494 

Secretary * Eric Cravat 494 

Lay Adviser * Ken Hody 312 

Professional Adviser *  

Area Lay Adviser * Ken Hody 312 

Area Professional Adviser * Gene Richie 

Region Chief * Richard Good 305 

Region Chairman * George Flanagan (deceased) 421 

Region Adviser * Dick Rice 


Comments:This was the first year after the Section was designated as W5A.  The Man Mile Award went to       The “Best Lodge” award went to  The Theme was SEE THE NEED, MEET THE CHALLENGE.  The fee was $18.00.  Attendance from Papago 494 was 32.  Indian dancing & the Pow Wow were held under the London Bridge.