1980 Section W5A Conclave

SECTION W5ASite * Fort HuachucaSierra Vista,, AZ. 

NOVEMBER 7-9Host * Papago 494 

1980Chief * Jeff Tuttle 494 

Vice Chief * John Austin 432 

Secretary * Brian Kelly 494 

Lay Adviser * Ken Hody 312 

Professional Adviser * Ira Haberle 494 

Area Lay Adviser * Ken Hody 312 

Area Professional Adviser * Gene Richie 

Region Chief * Richard Good 305 

Region Chairman * George Flanagan (deceased) 421 

Region Adviser * Dick Rice 


Comments:The “Man Mile” award went to       The “Best Lodge” award went to  Visters included Bill Downs the National Executive Secretary, Region Chief Richard Good,  and Bob Pattison and Sam Hathaway of the Wester Region Committee.  Theme: EVER MINDFUL OF OUR DUTY.  Attedance:  Papago 53, Wipala Wiki 64