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1981 Section W5A Conclave

SECTION W5ASite * Heard Scout PuebloPhoenixAZ. 

NOVEMBER 6-8Host * Wipala Wiki 432 

1981Chief * John Austin 432 

Vice Chief * Jeff Tuttle 494 

Secretary * Brian Kelly 494 

Lay Adviser * Ken Hody 312 

Professional Adviser *  

Area Lay Adviser * Ken Hody 312 

Area Professional Adviser * Gene Richie 

Region Chief * Kurt Christiansen 566 

Region Chairman * Del Loder 502 

Region Adviser * Dick Rice 


Comments:The Theme was ARROW MEASURED TO THE GOAL.  Special guests were Kevin P. Moll the National Vice Chief and Kurt Christianson the Western Region Chief.  They held a “Has-Been” Luncheon.The “Man Mile” award went to      The “Best Lodge” award went to  Registration  was $15.00. 

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