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2020 Section W4S Conclave

Due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, this Conclave was conducted online, known as a Zoom Conclave. The Conclave was originally scheduled to be held at Camp Tahquitz before the pandemic.

The Conclave was held as a one-day event between 10 AM – 5 PM, with Section Chief Adrian Castaneda leading the event.

The Conclave Business Meeting was held and led by 2020 Western Region Chief Gavin Cho.

  • Section Chief: John-Aaron Bozanic (Wiatava Lodge # 13)
  • Section Vice-Chief: Jesse Jones (Cahuilla Lodge # 127)
  • Section Secretary: Carter Bohn (Wiatava Lodge # 13)

2020 Section W4S Conclave Information

Date: October 10, 2020

Price: Free

Attendance: 308 Registered Online

Service Lodge: Puvunga Lodge # 32

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