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2014 Section W6W Conclave


The 2017 Section W6W Conclave was held October 18 – 20, 2014, at Heard Scout Pueblo in Phoenix, Arizona. Wipala Wiki Lodge was the Service Lodge.

2013 – 2014 Section Officers and Advisers

Section Chief: Kelsey Files
Section Vice-Chief:  Richard Ramage
Section Secretary: Gabriel Garcia

Section Adviser: Michael Minnis
Associate Adviser: Daniel Carman
Associate Adviser: Michael Forrest
Associate Adviser: Mark Stickel


Heard Scout Pueblo, Phoenix, Arizona


The Conclave was warm. Saturday’s high was 90F and the low was 68F.

Special Guests

  • Michael Kintscher (2014 Western Region Chief)
  • Terrel Miller (National OA Committee)
  • Jason Stribling (Southern Region Committee)

Awards and Recognition

Tiwahe Lodge won the Top Lodge award.

During the Conclave business meeting, the following were elected to Section Office for the coming year.

Section Chief: Vianney Careaga

Section Vice-Chief: Brian Heiberger

Section Secretary: *

*No officer was elected Secretary during the Business Meeting. Arrowman Colton Merdich was elected Secretary at the first Section Meeting of the new year.


Attendance was 368. Saturday night showed included a hypnotist and fireworks. Tiwahe Lodge was awarded Top Lodge.

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