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The Area 4 History Project is made up of volunteer Scout leaders who contribute information, scan photographs, and share other documents that can be made to the larger Area 4 Committee.


Dropbox will automatically append your name to the file, so we will be able to credit you as the photographer or contributor.

By submitting files, you agree that they can be used in accordance with the CC-Attribute Creative Commons License.

While all contributions are valuable, we are really looking for the following electronic files:

  • Conclave Photographs
  • Portraits of Scout Leaders
  • Old Newsletters, Newspaper Clippings, Etc.

What if I Can’t Scan?

We have a professional-quality Film and Document scanner. We can arrange to pick up your documents and return them, or we may be able to visit you directly.

Thank you to our most recent contributors:

Alan Kay recently sent in Section W4B Conclave photographs.

Joe Grant recently sent in Cahuilla Lodge newsletters, Conclave booklets, and camp stories.

Joe Rosenthal recently provided portraits and updated Wisumahi Lodge information.

Do you have information, updates, paperwork, or photographs related to this page? We would love your contribution. Feel free to leave a comment below, if enabled, or visit our Contact Page to let us know you can help. We appreciate all contributions and can't wait to include your content on this website.

Last updated: April 2, 2021 at 13:35 pm