We wish to thank all who have contributed to the work on the Area 4 History Project. Following is a list of most of the contributors:

  • John B. Adams
  • James Arriola
  • Alden G. Barber
  • Phil Brigandi
  • Dave Brown
  • Vianney Careaga
  • Gary Christiansen
  • Jorge Delgadillo
  • Larry Eberstein
  • Ron Ellis
  • Leonard Fry
  • Marv Goffman
  • Tom Gould
  • Joseph Grant
  • George Gunderman
  • Hurley Hagood
  • Harvey Harden
  • Ken Harlan
  • Carl N. Helmick
  • Ken Hody
  • Albertus Hoogeveen
  • Ernie Houston
  • Howard Houston
  • John Hoy
  • Larry Krikorian
  • Howard Kern
  • Dick Lamb
  • Matthias Leier
  • Dr. Bob MacFarlane
  • Dick Martin
  • David McCullough
  • Terry Meier
  • Dave Minnehan
  • Bruce Moore
  • Mike Nathan
  • Bob Pattison

Special Thanks:  T.H. Tabb

We wish to express a special thanks to John B. Adams, Carl N. Helmick, Dr. Bob MacFarlane, Bruce Moore, Dan Reaser, and Walt White.

Special Thanks:  T.M. Schultze

Thank you to a great group of friends and historians who have helped and inspired my historical work over the years, including:  James Arriola, Phil Brigandi, Marv Goffman, Larry Krikorian, Ron Price, Joe Rosenthal, Frank Sydow, Steve Silbiger, Tom Tabb, Bill Topkis, Chuck Williams, and Bill Woodward.

Last updated: September 5, 2019 at 7:35 am