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Area 12-A

Area 12-A was organized around the time the BSA itself was organized into 12 Regions in 1948. The original Area had a mix of Councils with Lodges and Lodges that were actively forming. Around 1955, the Western area was split into Area 12-E and the Eastern area would be organized at some point into Area 12-F.

Area 12-A would be reorganized as Section W4B during the great reorganization of 1973. The boundaries of the new Section exactly mapped the post-1955 boundaries of Area 12-A.

Area 12-A saw huge growth over it’s existence. Conferences (Conclaves) grew from several dozen attendees in the 1950s to as many as 850 at some Conferences in the 1960s. This mapped the explosive growth of the Order of the Arrow in the West at this time.

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Last updated: July 3, 2023 at 22:38 pm