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1980 – 1989

1980: Chris Warack Meets The President

On February 6, 1980, Lodge Chief Chris Warack delivered the Report To The Nation in the White House Oval Office to President Jimmy Carter. Chris applied and was interviewed several times before being selected for the honor.

With Chris was National Vice-Chief Larry Brown, from Orange County and a member of Wiatava Lodge. This was a great day for Cahuilla Lodge and Section W4B.

1981: Conclave in San Bernardino

Cahuilla Lodge’s second time as the Service Lodge brought them to the Western Region Little League Headquarters in San Bernardino.

December 1982: Michael Sachs Elected 1983 – 1984 Western Region Chief

Michael Sachs, from Troop 49 in Colton and the Agua Mansa Chapter of Cahuilla Lodge, was Cahuilla Lodge’s first elected National Officer. Back then, officers typically served for 2 years.

1983: Mark Grinstaff Elected Section W4B Chief

Mark Grinstaff, from the A-tsa Chapter, was elected at the 1983 Area 4 Conclave. His term planned the next year’s Conclave held at Mataguay Scout Reservation.

1983: First E. Urner Goodman Camping Award

Cahuilla Lodge received their first E. Urner Goodman Camping Award.

1986: Michael Sachs Receives Distinguished Service Award

Michael, who served Section W4B in all 3 offices and as the Western Region Chief, because the second Cahuilla Arrowman named Michael to receive the OA DSA award.

1987: Conclave back to San Bernardino

Once again, the Section W4B Conclave was held at the Western Region Little League Headquarters in San Bernardino. Brian Hawley was the Service Lodge Chief.

December 1987: Michael Celano elected 1988 Western Region Chief

Michael, from Troop 11 in Redlands and the A-tsa Chapter, is the second National Officer of the decade from Cahuilla Lodge. By this point, National Officers were serving one-year terms.

1989: Chris Hanson elected Section W4B Chief

Chris was elected at the 1989 Section W4B Conclave at Camp Mataguay. Chris’ term was focused on putting together the 1990 Tri-clave in Palm Springs.

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