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San Gorgonio Lodge # 298 (1945 – 1972)

San Gorgonio Lodge # 298 was in service between 1945 and 1972. There is possible evidence the Lodge’s original name may have been Gorgonia, and changed in 1948. To date, so solid documentation exists to confirm this. This may be contradicted by the fact that the pre-OA society at Camp Ro-Ki-Li was called the Tribe of Gorgonio.

It merged with Ahwahnee Lodge # 430 to form Wiatava Lodge # 13 on January 1, 1973.

San Gorgonio 298 S6 Pocket Flap

Lodge Information

Years of Service: 1945 – 1972

Totem: Standing Grizzly Bear

Orange Empire Council

Santa Ana, California

San Gorgonio Lodge # 298 Pages

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