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Sinawava Lodge # 312 (1945 – 1950)

Sinawava Lodge # 312 was created in 1945 soon after the creation of the Boulder Dam Area Council the prior year. The name Sinawava was named after Zion National Park’s Temple of Sinawava where it is thought their first ceremony took place.

Sinawava is considered a Southern Paiute word for “Coyote,” which became the Lodge totem.

The Lodge would have been very small as the communities in the Council were sparsely populated. By 1950, Las Vegas only had 24,000 residents.

Very little is known about this Lodge. It was disbanded by 1950. In 1957, a new Order of the Arrow Lodge, Nebagamon # 312, was chartered and although it disbanded again, it would be chartered from 1962 to the present day.

Sinawava Lodge Facts

Years of Service: 1945 – 1950

Boulder Dam Area Council

Las Vegas, Nevada

Totem: Coyote


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